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Kudo Takeshi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, who was a frequent visitor, had passed away on

January 29. He was a kind and nice Sensei who taught and inspired us in his every visit.

We miss him dearly. Our deepest condolence is extended to Mrs. Kudo and her family.


The most of our club members have already paid Hawaii Kendo Federation and Club

dues. Please pay soon if you have not done so. I want to finish collecting dues by the

end of this month. Paying dues and attending practice are good support you can give.


Steveston Kendo Tournament near Vancouver in Canada is on Saturday, February 14th.

Matthew Takemoto, Braxton Fukutomi, James Okada, Grant Matsubayashi, Chris

Goodin, Roxine Kubo-Nakamoto and Iwao Sato will be participating. Cindy Fukutomi

will be our chaperon. Good luck, be warm and be safe. Enjoy your trip and friendship.


The following 3 Kyoshi 7 Dan Senseis will be visiting Hawaii. We are fortunate to have

these senseis come and teach us. They are Mr. Hiromichi Hayashi, Mr. Mutsuo Ouchi

and Mr. Akihiko Yahagi. They plan to visit 3 dojos, Sunday Feb. 15 Kaimuki Honbu,

Tuesday Feb. 17 Kenshikan and Wednesday Feb. 18 Wahiawa. Be there.


Nittaidai, Sports Science University, in Tokyo are sending 40 students each to Hawaii.

They will be at Kenshikan on Tuesday, Feb. 17th for the 1st group and on Sunday, Feb.

22nd at Kaimuki Honbu for the 2nd group with the special starting time of 08:30AM. We

plan to have goodwill matches in Kaimuki.


Tokai University students led by Yoshimura Sensei, 8 Dan and Sasaki Sensei 7 Dan will

stay in Hawaii from Feb. 24th till Mar. 1st. 22 students will visit Kenshikan on Feb. 25th.

Those who receive this monthly bulletin and no longer want to receive it, please contact

me. I will remove you from the distribution list.


Wahiawa Kendo Club T-shirts are on sale as our club’s on going fund raise. Get some.


During recent nightly news, University of Hawaii basketball coach commented on some

of his team members’ marijuana smoking incident in a Mainland hotel where the smoke

triggered fire alarm and UH Department was billed for damages. He was not apologetic.

He did not show his responsibility. Instead, he said, “They have right. Police was not

involved. It was not a public issue.” I thought that sports program Universities

involved were for educational purposes. Besides aiming for winning, they should be

keenly aware of educational process of students. I am glad that students I took for kendo

trips started opening books and studying in back seats of my rental vehicle. No wonder

kendo students become achieving, responsible and contributing citizens in our society.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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