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Are beginning classes for all ages?

Yes. All ages are welcome and encouraged. In fact, we have many families doing Kendo together.


What about women or girls?

Many of the top Kendo practitioners are women. That's perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of kendo in that men and women of all ages and abilities can practice together and learn from each other.

Do I need to be in good shape to do Kendo?

Anyone can start Kendo, regardless of their fitness level. The intensity level gradually increases, with an emphasis on injury prevention.

Can I get into really good shape doing Kendo?

Kendo is known to be one of the most challenging martial arts at the intermediate and advanced levels, so you can use Kendo to take your fitness to whatever heights you choose.


Do I have to have an athletic background to be good at Kendo?

Not at all. Some of the best Kendo practitioners in the country were not athletes before starting Kendo. 


Is Kendo hard?

Learning Kendo is easy. Practicing Kendo is a challenge. As you progress in Kendo it becomes gradually more strenuous. Like anything of value though, the reward of Kendo is as great as the challenge. The affirmation "You get out of it what you put into it" is certainly true in Kendo.

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