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George Ogawa Sensei of Stanford University Kendo Club visited our club on April 1st and 3rd. We were very happy to have a repeat visitor like him to come and practice with us.


Mr. & Mrs. Luis Trabuco of Macao currently residing in United Kingdom visited Hawaii early April. It was very nice to get together again in almost 30 years hiatus after Foreign Kendo Leaders Seminar in Kitamoto, Japan. Kendo makes friends all over the world.


We are happy to know that Hashimoto Yoshito Sensei, Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan, from Shiga is visiting our club on May 13 during his Hawaii visit from May 12 through 15. Please come and join our practice.


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination will be held on Sunday, May 26 at Myohoji Hall from 8AM. Our club has only one applicant. Good luck to him.


Hawaii Kendo Federation Iai-do group will visit Okayama from June 5 to 9 for the seminar and Dan examination. We hope that they have a good seminar and good results with the examination.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament is set for Sunday, June 23 at Mililani District Park Gym. Mark your calendar and plan to participate or observe the tournament.


Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, with his sweet wife Keiko Sensei, Renshi 6 Dan from Akita, will visit Hawaii from June 19 to 24. We are excited to see them again at our dojo on Wednesday, June 19. Please come and practice with us. He will always give us good advices.


Pastor Yuichiro Nakano in his radio talk show said that he read the post on a Buddhist Temple notice board when he passed by, 「叱られて、叱られたこそ、墓参り」”Shikararete, shikararetakoso, haka-mairi.” “Scolded and because of those scoldings, I am paying visits their tombs.” When I was young, I only thought about when this scolding would end while being scolded. Now I realized that I received scolding because persons wanted me to be a better person. I want to thank them for their scolding or teaching. But, they were no longer with us now. I am bad because I seldom scold others. I frequently come to think that it is waste of my time because the person is not listening. If persons are concerned about you enough to scold you, appreciate them. They have some hope in you.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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