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Congratulations to Mr. Chris Goodin who passed Kendo 6 Dan examination on Sunday, August 27 in Fukuoka. We are very proud and happy for his accomplishment.


It was very nice of San Jose Kendo Dojo for sending their invitation to Hawaii people to join in their tournament on Sunday, September 17. However, there are no takers from Hawaii this time.


American Zone Referee Seminar is held in Toronto, Canada on September 16 and 17. We are glad that we have some representation there and come back to share their experience.


Planned Hawaii State Kendo Championships have been canceled because we could not secure a venue.


Foodland Supermarket is doing their annual “Give Aloha, Community Matching Gifts Program,” during the month of September. They match 20 - 25 per cent of your donation to local nonprofit organizations up to $249 with your Maikai Card number. Hawaii Kendo Federation is not on the list to receive donations this year unfortunately. Please donate to your favorite organizations to get additional matching money.


Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Tournament is on Saturday, October 28 in Kent, Washington. If you are interested in participating, let me know. I am expecting to receive their official invitation soon.


Tsuyama Budo Gakuen in Okayama using the government fund was inviting Kobu-do people for their event on December 8 through 11. They are covering guests’ lodging, food and local transportation there. Some of Hawaii Kendo Federation people accepted the invitation and join them which includes Swords viewing, visiting Miyamoto Musashi birthplace and museums.


Wahiawa Kendo Club annual Zippy’s ticket sale fundraiser has started. They raised the price to $11. Tickets are good till November 19. A ticket will give you a choice of Zippy’s Famous Chili, Portuguese Bean Soup, Breakfast set or 5 pieces of Cornbread. Please contact me or our club members for tickets if you can buy and/or sell. Fund raised are used not only for covering Club operational expenses but also for promoting Kendo in Hawaii.


When I think back, I was rather rude to ask Mr. Nicholas Cook without previous notice, 1st time visitor from Oregon, to perform Kendo Kata with Buntin Sensei when he came to our dojo. He performed a decent, rather wonderful Kata. I could tell that he had been practicing Kata regularly.


Kata is the fundamental part of Kendo. You can learn from Kata how to use Katana (Sword,) determine distance and timing, proper foot works, way of breathing and so forth. Please practice Kata along with practicing Kendo.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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