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94-106 Mokukaua St.

Waipahu, Hawaii 96797


From Farrington Hwy, turn onto Awalau St (going towards Makai side). Make a right on Awanei St. and then another right on Mokukaua St. The dojo will be on the left. Park in the parking lot.


7:00pm - 8:00pm (Tuesdays)

Brief History of the

Waipahu Konkokyo Kendo Club

As to a brief history of our club in Waipahu, we owe its origin, continued existence, and recent growth to six dedicated individuals. The first two, Rev. Masato Kawahatsu and Mr. James Tottori, started the club in 1977 with the former as a Konkokyo minister and participant while the latter provided the necessary financial support to construct the dojo. Almost every Tuesday from that time, four devoted senseis (Mr. Torajiro Sato, Mr. Kyoto Komatsu, Mr. Michael Hamamoto, and Mr. Iwao Sato) taught their kendo skills to a small group of practitioners. After the reluctant retirement of the first three teachers, the number of students began to grow first, due to the quality instruction of Sato Sensei and his son Ken and second, due to Internet publicity.

Sensei John Tamashiro

As individuals from age seven and older are welcome to join the Waipahu Konkokyo Kendo Club, let me introduce our organization and staff to all of you. My name is John Tamashiro, the head sensei of this dojo and longtime member of the Waipahu Konkokyo, a religion from Japan in Hawaii since 1926. Essential to the functioning of our club has been the sponsorship of Head Minister Rev. Tetsuro Yasutake as well as the expertise of Mr. Iwao Sato, nanadan in kendo. Every Tuesday evening from 6:30 P.M. until 7:30 P.M. I join together with Reverends Akinobu Yasutake and Kei Kunito to cultivate an alert mind, vigorous body, and confident spirit through our martial art.

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