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I am pleased to announce that Jon Shishido Sensei opened a new dojo. It is called Meikyokan and practices at Japanese Cultural Center dojo. Dojo opens for everyone on Wednesday and Friday from 7AM till 8AM. It is good. Because more dojos mean more people may join Hawaii Kendo Federation.


Dr. Hisamitsu Hidaka, Kyoshi 7 Dan, of Kurume City, Japan, visited Myohoji Kendo Club on Tuesday, March 17th. We had a good practice with him. 


Nozawa Haruo Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, of Saitama was at Ken Yu Kai practice on Friday, March 20th.   His daughter, Mrs. Ayako Morohashi , 4 Dan, and his granddaughter Rei Morohashi, 2 Dan, practiced with us. Nozawa Sensei gave us good advices.


Mitsubishi Kendo Group visited Kenshikan dojo on Saturday, March 21, and Kaimuki Honbu dojo on Sunday, March 22.   We were fortunate to have these 21 kenshis led by Asano Naomichi Sensei.   The group is consisted of Irii Tokuaki Sensei and Ono Tomoyoshi Sensei, both 8 dan, ten 7 dan and five 6 dan sensei’s.They were awesome.

I am hoping that this group would come back to visit us again.


16th World Kendo Championships will be held in Tokyo from May 29 – 31. Hawaii delegation are as follows; Kathy Nekomoto, Yoshiro Takahashi, Kenton Chun, Matthew Wong and Hyun Kim.  Team members are Braxton Fukutomi, Christopher Goodin, Grant Matsubayashi, Garrett Matsumoto, Andrew Fujimoto, Jordan Miller, Seth Harris, Erika Hill, Nicole Yoshida, Megan Watanabe, Roxine Kubo and Gina Kishimoto. Good luck to them and make kendo friends all over the world.


Our club will host children’s tournament with shinpan seminar on Saturday, June 6th.    Mark your calendar and join us.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament will be on Sunday, June 28th. A kendo equipment company will be there for your equipment needs.


Our club website,, is being overhauled now. Stay tune for new one coming up soon.


At the end of Sunday, March 10th 2013 practice late Kudo Takeshi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, told us that his teacher did not teach him much.   Every once in a while, his teacher mentioned a few things for him to improve with few words.   Kudo Sensei himself had to figure out how to correct or improve his kendo from his teacher’s few words.

We are eager to teach our students so that they may get better faster.   However, by teaching too much, we may be spoiling students’ own initiatives, creativity and innovation to learn.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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