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16th World Kendo Championships were held at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo from May 29th through 31st. Team Hawaii did well. Roxine Kubo-Nakamoto received Kanto-sho

(Fighting spirit award) in Women’s individual matches. Hawaii Men’s team advanced

out of preliminary matches but defeated by Champion Team, Japan. The next

Championship will be held in Korea 3 years later.


I am happy to announce that Grant Matsubayashi and Seth Harris passed 6 dan

examination on June 1st in Tokyo. Congratulations to both of them.


Our dojo is hosting Children’s tournament with shinpan seminar on Saturday, June 6th.

We plan to start 9AM. Come and enjoy learning shinpan. We will have keiko

afterwards if we have time. Our club will serve pizza for lunch. Those children who

have not put kendo-gu on should come, too and make friends and enjoy the occasion.


We will have our midyear party on Wednesday, June 17th. We will start earlier at

6:30PM and end at 7:30PM, then will have a potluck party. Invite family members and

friends who support your kendo practices.


We will not have our practice on Wednesday, June 24th. The temple has Bon Dance

preparation and the hall is not available for us. Temple needs volunteers that weekend.

Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament will be held at Mililani District Park Gym on Sunday,

June 28. Let your chief instructor know if you are participating.


Hawaii Kendo Federation Dan examination is on Sunday, July 5th at Kaimuki Gym.

Those who want to take the examination are expected to inform instructors and practice

kata and study for the written examination.


Hanshi 8 Dan, Miyagawa Hidetoshi Sensei, from Fukuoka will conduct seminars in July.

Hawaii Kendo Federation will announce seminar details soon.


The new website for our club is available. Website is to view.


After April 22nd practice, 14 years old Kano Hashimoto was talking with Capt. Imagawa,

an airline pilot, about her becoming a flight attendant. Noriko Koyanaka found about

that. Noriko told Kano that she decided to become a flight attendant and live in Hawaii

when she was 11 years old after she visited Hawaii with her family from Japan. When

she told others about it, they labeled her a dreamer. Noriko is now a flight attendant and

lives in Hawaii. Noriko told Kano that she should say, “I will be a flight attendant”

instead of “I want to be a flight attendant.” Determinations will make things come true.

Noriko improved very much. No one believes that she is practicing just 8 months. Her

determination made her that way. She seems even enjoying hard practices.





Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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