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Children’s tournament and shinpan seminar our club sponsored on June 6th was very

successful. I received positive remarks both from kids and adults. Thank you for those

who gave us donations to support this event since we did not get financial support from

other circles.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament was successfully executed on June 28th. Tusha

Buntin Sensei and I performed kata. Our club members did well. We entered 7

members and 5 of them got trophies. I was alarmed of the small entry numbers. It was

the smallest number in recent years. I am hoping that some senseis share the same

concern with me and work harder to recruit more people in kendo.


Southern California Kendo Federation had children’s kendo camp in Paso Robles

recently. I envy them because we no longer have kendo camps once had to promote

kendo in younger generations.


Hanshi 8 Dan, Miyagawa Hidetoshi Sensei, is in town for his seminar. The seminar

schedule is as follows; July 1st – Waimalu School – Kendo Kata/3rd – Ken Yu Kai –

Bokutoh Coaching Method/8th – Waimalu School – Kendo Kata/11th – Waimalu School –Bokutoh Coaching Method/12th – Honbu Dojo – Shinpan/15th – Waimalu School –

Kendo Kata/18th – Kenshi Kan – Keiko Method/19th – Honbu Dojo – Shinpan/23rd

through 25th Seminars in Hilo, Island of Hawaii/26th Honbu Dojo – Shinpan/28th – Kenshi Kan – Keiko Method. Ask your instructors for starting and ending times.

I am hoping that many people show up to learn from Miyagawa Sensei though the charge is involved for the 1st time while other 6 times we had senseis from Japan without charge.


Meikyo Kan Kendo Club asking your support for their sale of shinai bukuro, tenugui bag,

pouch, T-shirt and etc. The sale is from 9AM till 2PM on every 2nd Saturday till Sept.

Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination will be held on Sunday, July 5th at

Kaimuki Gym. From our dojo Rheanna Dominici will go for 1 dan.


In kendo magazine “Kensoh” July edition, Hanshi Ohta Hirokata Sensei gave readers his

message. At his age of 100, he participated in Kyoto Taikai. His exhibition opponent

was 93 years old Makino Noboru Sensei. He believes that kendo attributes to his

longevity. He has been practicing kendo while asking, “How can I make myself a better

person through kendo practices.” He is not sure how many more years he can

participate in Kyoto Taikai, but he makes it his challenge. His message overwhelmed

me. He is a good example to be a lifelong practitioner. He gives us hope and energy to

continue. Thank you, Ohta Sensei.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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