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Our Annual Fund Raise, Zippy’s ticket sale, has been delayed due to the printer problem.

I am hoping that we can start distributing and selling tickets this coming week. Again

we need your help for selling and buying tickets.


Though Monday, September 7th is Labor Day Holiday, we will have our Kaneohe Heeia

dojo practice. Besides kata, we started Bokuto ni yoru Kendo kihon waza keiko ho.

Come and join us.


We are happy to hear that Kamiya Akihiro Sensei of Tokyo is coming to be with us. He

will arrive on September 4th and stays till 14th. We will have him at our Wahiawa dojo

on Wednesday, September 9th. Please come and practice with us.


Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei of Akita along with his lovely wife, Keiko, is coming again from

September 11th till 19th. They will be at Wahiawa Kendo Club on Wednesday, 16th. We

are very fortunate that many senseis come to teach us by paying out of their own pockets.


Please do all possible to make them feel welcomed. Please join our practice on

Wednesday, 16th.


Kenshikan Kendo Club is hosting their tournament on Sunday, September 27th at Manoa

Valley District Park Gym. I have not received the official invitation yet but plan to

participate if you can.


Mr. Kazuto Akamatsu who serves as Director of International Goodwill Kendo Club

invited Hawaii for their tournament on Oct. 30th though Nov. 1st in Tokushima, Japan.

Many years ago some senior kenshis participated in this tournament. I am hoping that

we can participate to promote goodwill and friendship among countries through kendo.

Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s Annual Tournament is on Saturday, Nov. 7th. I am

hoping that we have enough people to go and capture the championship 4 year in a row.

Thanks to Miyagawa Hidetoshi Sensei’s seminar, many kenshis became eligible to apply

for Renshi and Kyoshi Titles. Hope everyone who applies gets titles.


I was puzzled when Miyagawa Hidetoshi Sensei told us to exchange shinai with your

partner during one of his seminar sessions. Then, he told us to inspect the condition of

the shinai. Then, he asked us, “Is it alright for you to get hit by this partner’s shinai?”

He was teaching us a safety issue. Sprinters and cracks of shinai could cause injuries

some occasion severe enough to cause even death. Stay alert for being safe when you

practice. Kendo safety sense should lead you to maintain safe and clean environment in

your home, school and work place, also.





Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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