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Thank you for your help for our club fund raise, Zippy’s ticket sale. And thank you for those who gave us donations instead of selling/buying tickets. Tickets are good till October 2nd with 5 day grace period. Make sure that tickets are redeemed within valid dates. Unsold tickets must be returned to me as soon as possible to get proper credits.


Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, from Akita is in town from September 26th. He will be at Kenshikan Dojo on Saturday, October 1st where he concentrates in young children. His last appearance of this visit is at Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday, October 2nd. Observe his kendo even if you are not practicing. We deeply appreciate him who comes and teaches us in Hawaii regularly. He is an excellent teacher.


Hawaii State Kendo Championship is on Saturday, October 8th in Hilo, Big Island of Hawaii. I will conduct Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Hou seminar next day, Sunday, October 9th.


Kamiya Akihiro Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, of Tokyo will be with us from October 5th till 13th. He will visit our dojo during his stay in Hawaii as well as going to the tournament in Hilo.


Ozawa Kohtaro Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, of Tokyo will come to Hawaii from October 20th till 23rd. He will be at Hawaii Daijingu Dojo on Friday, October 21st.


Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Tournament is on Saturday, November 5th in Kent, Washington. We want to form Team Hawaii. Contact Seth Harris Sensei and me if you can participate.


Kaida Akira Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, of Kagoshima recently published his book, “Kendo Shobu E No Michi,” by Kendo Nippon. It is a good book. It teaches you to win with following kendo fundamentals. If you have an opportunity, buy one and read it. We are happy to have Kaida Sensei again from November 11th till 18th. He will sacrifice his vacation and visit our dojo on Wednesday, November 16th. Come and practice.


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination is on Sunday, December 4th. If you want to take the examination, check with your club instructors.


Mr. Elbert Yoshida told me that 5 sets of parent and child (children) practiced together on August 8th at Mililani Kendo Club. Parents were Masafumi Fujimoto, Elbert Yoshida, Lawrence Chun, Divina Takenaka and Gina Kishimoto. That was remarkable. Doing kendo together as a family is enjoyable. When my boys were teenagers, going to kendo together seemed only time I had a little conversation with them. They seemed to understand me more because we practiced kendo together. I encourage you to drag your kids into kendo or start kendo with your kids if you have not done so.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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