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Congratulations to Tusha Buntin Sensei who came in 2nd in Masters Division in All Hawaii Kendo Championships in Hilo,Big Island Hawaii, on October 8th.


It is sad to announce the passing of Chiba Masashi Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, on September 28th. After he was sent by All Japan Kendo Federation to conduct seminar while I was President of Hawaii Kendo Federation, he repeated his Hawaii visits and taught us. He will be missed very much not only in Japan but also in Hawaii.


Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Tournament will be on Saturday, November 5th in Kent, Washington. Team Hawaii lead by me and chaperoned by my wife consists of Gina Kishimoto, Seth Harris, Andy Fujimoto, Fumihide Itokazu, Wesley Fujimoto, Kevin Chun and James Okada. Good luck to them and enjoy the tournament and trip.


Kaida Akira Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, from Kagoshima will arrive on November 12th and leave on 18th. He will visit Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday, November 13th and our dojo on Wednesday, November 16th. Be there and learn from his teachings.


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination is on Sunday, December 4th at Kaimuki. If you want to take the examination, let your dojo chief know. The deadline of applications is November 11th.


Our year end party is on Wednesday, December 7th. We will start our practice earlier at 6:30PM and end at 7:30PM, then have a potluck party. Come and enjoy the party even if you cannot make the practice time.


Hawaii Kendo Federation President, Miss Kathy Nekomoto, announces that is the new Hawaii Kendo Federation website.


Wahiawa Kendo Club T-shirts are on sale. They could be good Christmas presents for kenshis. Contact me if you want some. Sizes are S, M, L, XL and XXL.


Donate your cars to Hawaii Kendo Federation through Kokua in Kind program.


US Swimming Team Olympic medalists made a claim of being robbed at gunpoint by a police imposer in Rio de Janeiro. It was a big news which went all over the world. Later it was found to be a false claim, thus, tarnishing host country’s reputation and returning its hospitality with slap on face. They vandalized a rest room of a gas station and stopped by a security guard. What kind of accomplishment was that? Olympic medals mean nothing if persons stay like them. If kendoists get advanced with kendo, their personalities should be advanced enough to be admired and respected. If you get good and strong in kendo but you do not get to be a better person, your kendo training has been something wrong.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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