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No one placed in Steveston Kendo Tournament held on Saturday, February 20th in Richmond, B.C., Canada. Team Hawaii won 1st match and faced Toronto Team and lost. Toronto Team eventually became the champion. Everyone learned a lot in Kendo and had a good time. We appreciated Steveston Club members’ kindness and hospitality extended to us and other participants.


7 Tokai University students led by Ohtsuka Mayumi Sensei and Amano Satoshi Sensei were in town. Upon arrival, they visited Myhoji Kendo Club on Thursday, February 25th and Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club on Friday, 26th and had godo geiko in Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday, 28th. We are fortunate to have them come annually to practice with us.

Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei with his wonderful wife Keiko Sensei will visit us again from Marh 11 through 19th. They will be joined with their son, Shunsuke and his wife on March 14th. Learn from them while they were here. Sasaki Sensei teaches us good.

Group of kenshis from San Francisco will come and be with us from March 28th till April 4th. They plan to visit our dojo on Wednesday, March 30th. Come and practice with them.


Our club is hosting Children’s Tournament with Shinpan seminar on Saturday, April 9th. We want to make it fun and a good learning experience. Have kids make friends there. We will provide pizza for lunch. Everyone is invited. Show up, learn and enjoy.


Mr. Kevin Kamita of Kenshikan Kendo Club is planning to take some children to Japan for Kendo excursion trip. I am assisting him to accomplish this trial successfully. The planned dates will be around June 22nd till 28th. Visiting dojo will be Tohkyo Budokan headed by Miyamoto Kenji Sensei and Toyomura Azumori Sensei.


Women’s Tournament sponsored by Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation will be on Saturday, July 16th in Renton, Washington. Murayama Chinatsu Sensei will give a few days of seminar before the tournament. We want to send Women’s Team Hawaii to this tournament. Let Seth Harris Sensei know if you want to participate or go and observe.


Kaida Akira Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, got to know Hashimoto Family at our Club practice.

Rev. Hashimoto is Wahiawa Hongwanji Temple resident minister where the social hall is our practice place. Mrs. Hashimoto was born and raised in Kagoshima where Kaida Sensei is from. Before the last visit Kaida Sensei called up Mrs. Hashimoto’s mother and asked if he can bring anything to the Hashimoto’s for her. I was very impressed by Kaida Sensei’s consideration, sweetness and sensitivities to make me recognize that he is a true accomplished kenshi or person through kendo. 




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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