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Our club is hosting Children’s Tournament with Shinpan Seminar on Saturday, April 9th at our dojo from 8:30AM till noon followed by godo geiko if time permits. After that, we will have pizza lunch for everyone there. I want to have kids have fun and make friends. Even those kids who are not participating in tournament can come, play and make friends. Adults can have a good learning experience in refereeing.


Dr. Hisamitsu Hidaka of Kurume City will come with 7 other 7 dan senseis to Hawaii from June 9th through 13th. They are planning to visit Hawaii Daijingu Dojo on Friday, June 10 followed by Goodwill Dinner and Sunday, June 12 at Kaimuki Honbu Dojo. It will be so awesome to see all those 7 dan senseis’ kendo. Come and practice with them.


Mr. Kevin Kamita and I will take some Hawaii children to Japan to practice at Tohkyo Budokan headed by Miyamoto Kenji Sensei from June 23rd through 25th. Toyomura Azumori Sensei is helping us along with Mrs. Aki Okada, mother of former Kenshikan Dojo members, Yuma and Tatsuya. I want to make this tour successful learning experience for children not only for kendo but also Japanese culture and language.


Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation is hosting 6th Women’s Tournament on Saturday, July 16th in Renton, Washington. We are looking for lady kenshis to participate from Hawaii. Let Seth Harris Sensei know if you are interested in going. One of the reasons that U.S.A. and Canada women’s kendo has improved much is this kind of effort initiated by Jeff Marsten Sensei is perpetuating.


Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Seminar also known as Gedatsukai Summer Camp in Kitamoto Saitama will be from July 22nd till 29th. I do not know who goes there from Hawaii yet. However, it is a good opportunity to learn from excellent teachers and make friends from all over the world. At the last day of Seminar, they have examinations up to 6 dan. I have been encouraging those who are 5 dan to go and take 6 dan examination there.


17th World Kendo Championships will be held in Seoul, Korea from Friday, September 14th through Sunday, September 16th, 2018. The entire events include meetings and examination are from Sep. 12th to 17th. Take a note of it if you are planning to go.


I was pleasantly surprised to see two kenshis at Meikyokan practice on Kuhio Day, State Holiday. One was an elementary school principal and another was a lawyer. Both hold extremely challenging jobs. And they are busy with raising young families. Though busy work schedules prevent them coming to practices often, their hearts for kendo are surviving. They always look for opportunities to come and practice. Because of that, their intensity of practice was very strong not like mine who can practice everyday. Those of you who are busy with study, family and work make sure that you create time to come and practice. We have kendo practice everyday somewhere in this island. 




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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