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Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s Women’s Tournament was successfully completed on Saturday, July 16th. I took Hawaii Kendo Federation’s Women’s Team 3 consecutivetimes before. This was 4th time with only one participant from Hawaii. I was sad because I felt that Hawaii’s Kendo is going backwards not expanding.

Kenshikan Dojo is having Kendo Camp on July 30th and 31st. It is good to have this so

that children enjoy kendo and stick to it. I hope this happens with not just one dojo but

with more dojo together in order to retain kendo students in Hawaii.

Ray Murao Sensei of Steveston Dojo of Canada is planning to visit Hawaii with some

kenshis from August 23rd. We will let you know more if their schedule is finalized.

Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, of Akita will visit us from September 27th till

October 3rd. We are so fortunate that he continues to come at his own expenses and

teach us. Please welcome and extend greatest hospitality toward him.

Hawaii Kendo Federation will have State Tournament on Saturday, October 8th in Hilo,

Big Island of Hawaii. Mark your calendar and do all possible to participate.

Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Kendo Tournament will be on Saturday, November

5th. Hawaii did not participate last year, thus stopping with 3 consecutive Team

Championships. Well, we can start again. Plan ahead if you want to participate.

Effective year 2017, Hawaii Kendo Federation applies Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon

Waza Keiko Ho 1 through 9 for 1 Kyu examination. Some dojos are regularly practicing

already. It makes you know that kendo comes from sword handling. It is good staging

point before taking up with kata practice.

Our Club Fundraiser, Zippy’s Ticket Sale will start soon. Need your help with

buying/selling tickets. Do not lose tickets once you received. Unsold tickets must be

returned. Otherwise Zippys will charge for them.

On July 8th I received 2 letters, one from 101 years old Hanshi Ohta Hirokata Sensei and

another from Mrs. Masahiko Yamamoto. Ohta Sensei wrote, “We must do our kendo as

if we are holding nihontoh (sword) not just a bamboo stick. Nowadays people put

emphasis in winning only. That distorts kendo.” Mrs. Yamamoto is wife of Yamamoto

Masahiko Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, and mother of Japan Women’s multiple times

champion, Mariko. Yamamoto Family belongs to Ohta Sensei’s Fan Club. The Fan

Club had annual keiko sessions 3 times so far. She enclosed copies of Ohta Sensei’s

belief and teachings. I am happy that Ohta Sensei’s kendo philosophy is almost identical

with mine. He is my mentor as well as for many others. Thank you Ohta Sensei and

Mrs. Yamamoto.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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