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Steveston Tournament on Feb. 11th in Richmond, Canada, had 350 entries. Chase

Takenaka and Garrett Matsumoto came in the best 8 in their respective divisions.


Matsushita Yukiko Sensei, one of the pioneer Kyoshi 7 Dan females, from Kagoshima

was at Myohoji Kendo Club practice on Tuesday, Feb. 14th. Her kendo was smooth

and beautiful. All girls should look up to her. We were happy to have her over.


Kenshikan Tournament was held on Saturday, Feb. 25th. We had only 4 entries from

our dojo. Leroy Um was 3rd in 1-2 Dan division. Iwao Sato came in 1st in Masters.

Though 1 person short, our club came in 3rd in Team Matches.


We are so fortunate to have Dr. Fumio Ohta, Kyoshi 7 Dan, Retired Vice Admiral of

Japanese Self-defense Force at Myohoji Kendo Club, on Thursday, Mar. 2nd and at

Meikyokan Kendo Club as well as Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club on Friday, Mar. 3rd. He

is doing this despite his busy business trip on the way back from Washington DC. We

are very appreciative toward him for creating time for us before going back to Japan.


Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki from Akita will bring with them 27 years old Mr. Yoshinori Mikuni,

Obirin University Graduate and 5 Dan. They arrive on Friday, Mar. 10th and the

followings are their kendo visits: Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club, Fri. Mar. 10th, Kenshikan

Dojo, Sat. Mar. 11th, Kaimuki Honbu Dojo, Sun., Mar. 12th, Meikyokan and Mililani,

Mon., Mar. 13th. Then, Mr. Mikuni goes back to Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki will

remain to be at Kenshikan, Tue. Mar. 14th, then our dojo Wahiawa Kendo Club, Wed.,

Mar. 15th, Myohoji Kendo Club, Thu., Mar. 16th and Mililani Kendo Club on Fri., Mar.

17th. They go home on Sat., Mar. 18. Please welcome them.


We will have following Senseis from Ministry of Health and Welfare Kendo Club at

Hawaii Daijingu Dojo on Friday, Mar. 17th, Kenshikan Dojo, on Saturday, Mar. 18th and

Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday, Mar. 19th. They are Mr. Toshiji Omata, Mr. Toru

Tamura, Mr. Toshimaro Ishihara, Mr. Shigeshi Maeda, Mr. Meiketsu Sugita, Mr. Teiji

Matsuzaki, Mr. Morio Higashizono, Mr. Yoshiaki Kanda, Mr. Takashi Tobioka and Mr.

Hitoshi Aoshika. Their ranks include 5 Dan through one 8 Dan Tamura Toru Sensei.


At Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club pracice on Jan. 27th, 15 years boys Ryan Ho and Jimmy

Sato practiced with me. Every time I corrected them, they fixed their faults. They were

very attentive to what was instructed. Both of them placed in their division in recent

Kenshikan Tournament though that was their 1st tournament experiences. Among

Hawaii Kendo youth, a quite few of them graduated High School as valedictorians. The

number of valedictorians might be small but the rate among those who practiced kendo

during high school year was high. Through kendo they seemed to obtain good habits

such as concentration, good time management, proper priority and so on. Have your

kids continue kendo and become achieving students.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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