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Mainly due to American Zone Referee Seminar in Montreal at the same day, this year’s

Steveston Tournament on Saturday, February 10th in Canada was participated by 245, about 100 less than usual years. Normally we sent over at least 10 persons there from Hawaii but this year was me, alone. However, I was happy to be there to support Steveston Kendo Club which had been very nice to Hawaii. Because of less senior teachers, I was honored to be asked to referee the team championship match as a chief referee for the first time. Again I had an impression that teachers should bring students there to observe other, frequently better and stronger kendo. Students motivation level normally go up. Let us take some young ones next year. Some people have been combining their winter vacations with this tournament.

All Japan Kendo Federation officials headed by Fukumoto Shuji Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan and Kikkawa Shoichi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, visited Hawaii with 9 others as a study tour with a short vacation from February 22nd till 25th. We had a welcome dinner and godogeiko with them. We were hoping that they enjoyed Hawaii visit. Second group of 8 AJKF officials headed by Makita Minoru Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan, will be here from March 8th and 11th. We will welcome them with the same or similar events.

15th Kenshikan Kendo Club Tournament in Memory of Shigeo Yoshinaga Sensei was held on Sunday, February 25th. We were honored to have presence of Fukumoto Shuji Sensei, Tagawa Yoshiteru Sensei, President of United States Kendo Federation, Hanshi 8 Dan and Hayashi Hiromichi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan. Hayashi Sensei was kind enough to serve as the chief referee. Imazu Hisao Sensei and Okubo Masami Sensei put in lots of refereeing time while observing were Ouchi Mutsuo Sensei, Okubo Misao Sensei and Negita Masahiko Sensei. Shion Miyashita of Edmonton whom I met at Steveston Tournament this year participated. He took 1st place 1 - 2 Dan Division. His Mom and Grandpa were very happy, may make it annual event with their vacation in Hawaii. I was very proud of Jessica Sneed who came 2nd in Women’s Division. Iwao Sato was 1st in Master’s Division. Though lost, other club members’ performance was remarkable, showed improvements out of their steady practices.

Our regular visitor, Kamiya Akihiro Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan of Tokyo, will be in Hawaii from March 5th till 12th. He will be at our dojo on Wednesday, March 7th. Everyone is invited to be with us.


Mark your calendar. Our dojo is hosting children’s tournament and referee practice on

Saturday, April 21st. We want to have kids make friends and have good time as well as lower ranking kenshis experience refereeing without much pressure. We will end around noon and have pizza. Bring kids who have not started kendo yet, also. They always have great time.

Kendo attracts beautiful girls. They also develop attractive and wonderful personalities through Kendo practices. Girls trust senseis unconditionally. Senseis must be very careful not to fall into temptations. In Judo, an Olympic Champion took advantage of a female student and called it consensual. I heard some alleged incidents in which senseis made unwanted sexual advances toward ladies. Be aware of weak nature of human beings. Billy Graham who recently passed away at the age of 99, known to be the closest human to God, was said to have his office door wide open when he had a consultation with a female follower.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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