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17th World Kendo Championships were held from September 14 - 16 in Incheon, Korea. Team Hawaii did well. 3 Team Hawaii women advanced out of preliminary league matches. Nicole Chun went on to become one of best 8 persons and received the prestigious Kantosho (Fighting Spirit) Award. Men’s Team came out of preliminary league matches and became the best 16 but they lost to Finland in very close matches to miss best 8 positions and on to be best 4. Overall my impression was that Team Hawaii improved themselves much and fought well but other countries were also improving a bit more to beat us.

Our Branch Dojo, Heeia District Park practice on Monday, October 8th is cancelled due to

Columbus Day Federal Holiday.

Mr. Marcus Hawkins of Northern Virginia Kendokai will visit our club on Wednesday, Oct. 10th.


Japan Self Defense Force kenshis will visit Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday, October 14th. Be there and make friends with them.

Tournament sponsored by Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation will be held in Kent, Washington, on Saturday, November 3rd. I am trying to form Team Hawaii and recapture Championship we missed last year. Contact me if you can participate.

Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club is hosting their tournament on Saturday, November 17th at Halawa District Park Gym. Tell your instructors if you are participating. Even if you cannot participate, go there and watch matches and referees. We have less opportunity in Hawaii to do so.

Hawaii Kendo Federation is expected to have 1 Kyu and Dan examinations on Sunday,

November 18th. If you are eligible and want to take the higher rank, tell your teachers and start practicing Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho and Kata as well as jitsugi.

Wahiawa Kendo Club fund raise, Zippy’s ticket sale, has started. Tickets are $9 each which will give you a choice of Chili (Regular or Vegetarian), Portuguese Bean Soup, Meat Sauce and Pancake mix. Tickets are good till November 18th with 5 day grace period. Many received tickets already but those who haven’t and those who can sell more, contact me for tickets. As you know that the fund raised is not only used for Wahiawa Kendo Club but also used for overall advancement of Kendo children and adults in Hawaii.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Trinity Kishimoto improved greatly while I did not have chances to practice with her because we went to different dojos. She was good enough to receive Kantosho, “Fighting Sprit Award” in this year’s Leeward Oahu Tournament. Her mother once posted in Facebook that Trinity pinned my dojo slogan “Kendo will make it better” on wall in her room. She came in 1st among older and bigger kids in JPO Drill Competition. Her kendo kiai (yelling) might have helped to produce convincing commands to capture the top position. I have been seeing many kendo kids graduate from High Schools as Valedictorians and/or with other high honors. I believe that kendo help them focus, concentrate and set priority in their lives and accomplish greatly. Let us keep kids in kendo.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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