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Mr. Eddie Yamashita, 6 Dan and Miss Kyrene Kim, 5 Dan from Canada as well as Hamabe Yoshiharu Sensei, 7 Dan from Tokyo were at Kaimuki Honbu Dojo practice on September 8th. We had a good practice with them. Hope that they could come back to be with us again.


Congratulations to our club members, Noa Mulder who came in 1st in Shonebu Division and Megan Kirk who was 2nd in Women’s Open Division in State Tournament on Sunday, September 29th. We mostly practice basics and seldom practice techniques to win tournaments. I am happy that basics result in winning. We were honored to have Hayashi Hiromichi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan came from Tokyo for this occasion and assumed Shimpan-Cho duty. Thank you, Hayashi Sensei.


Andy Fujimoto Sensei was selected to Kantoku (Manager) position for Team Hawaii, 2021 World Kendo Championships in Paris, France from May 27th - 30th. Please give him your support.


Mr. Marcus Hawkins, Northern Virginia Kendokai will be in town from October 7th till 14th. If he visits your dojo, please welcome him.


We do not have our practice on Wednesday, October 9th because of parking lot resealing.


Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan and his sweet wife, Keiko Sensei of Akita Prefecture will repeat their visit in Hawaii from October 18th till 27th. Be with them when they come. As a P.E. teacher specialized in kendo, Sasaki Sensei has been dedicated to kendo in his entire life teaching in schools and communities.


I am finalizing Team Hawaii entry for Pacific Northwest Kendo Tournament on Saturday, November 2nd now.


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination is expected to be held on Sunday, November 17th. If you are eligible and want to take this one, tell your teacher and prepare for the examination.


Our annual fundraiser, Zippy’s ticket sale is in full swing. Majority of you have already received tickets to sell. Tickets are good till November 24th and $9 each. If you need more tickets, contact me. If you cannot sell tickets you have, return to me 1st chance so that I can shift tickets to others who want more. When you sell to persons who do not know Kendo, explain what kendo is and how good kendo is for young, old, male and female both in mentally and physically. We want to recruit more into kendo to share goodness of kendo.


Japanese say, “Ko wa oya no se o mite sodatsu,” ”Kids grow while watching parents’ backs.” That is interpreted as “Parents do not need to do any extraordinary things for kids to grow up properly. Parents just work hard, spend responsible and respectable lives. Then, kids keep watching parents’ ways of life and grow up to be good persons.” After teaching kendo students fundamentals to certain level, let them fly away. They can figure out the way you, teachers, are taking up with kendo. So, teachers should lead the way students observe and follow without being taught.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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