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Congratulations to our club member, Kotone Springer, who came in 1st in Novice Division in Kenshikan Tournament on Sunday, March 8th. She accomplished this with her right hand in cast with a broken finger. Her determination was very prominent. We were happy to have one of our club instructors, Tusha Buntin Sensei, come in 2nd in Master’s Division. He certainly showed his Kendo caliber after passing 7 Dan test in August 2019. All 3 sensei’s came from Japan to support this tournament contacted me to express their good timing to come because it could not have been possible if a week or two later because of Corona Virus Pandemic.\


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyu and Dan examination is planned on Sunday, May 17th. Tell your dojo sensei if you are eligible and want to take examination.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament is scheduled on Sunday, June 28th at Mililani District Park Gym. Mark your calendar and inform your sensei if you can participate.


Wahiawa Hongwanji Mission informed us that their headquarter informed them to close the facility for activities till May 15th. So, we cannot resume our practice no earlier than that date.


Dr. John Tamashiro of Waipahu Kendo Club announced that he followed Mayor’s Stay-At-Home instruction and closing the club till April 30th. Federal Government announced or suggested the same thing. Do not expect any Hawaii Dojo resume practices earlier than that time.


My son, David, posted in his Facebook, “How many of you are forgetting what day of the week it is? It’s really weird,” because many of us are staying home following government guidelines. I posted in his site, -quote- “Yesterday, practiced at Meikyokan, so today is Saturday. Yesterday practiced at Kenshikan, so today is Sunday. Yesterday practiced at Honbu, so today is Monday. Last night practiced at Kaneohe, so today is Tuesday. Last night practiced at Waipahu, today must be Wednesday. Last night practiced at Wahiawa, today better be Thursday. Last night practice was at Mililani, so tonight we have one at Hawaii Daijingu. What day of the week today? Someone tell me.” -unquote- That is me, just doing suburbi at home like Taro Ariga Sensei of Los Angeles and Luis Trabuco Sensei in Macao and many others.


One of my classmates invited me to his male chorus group’s 20th Anniversary concert in my home town, Fukushima. I just thought that I would go there to show my support. I was glad that I went. Another classmate who was a graduate of Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Arts University) majored in singing was there to support the concert with his pianist daughter. I was impressed and overwhelmed by his performance with his daughter’s piano playing along. He told me that he sought lessons from a very famous teacher in Germany where his daughter was staying for 5 years for studying piano. While he was visiting her, he took lessons for 28 of 29 days though it costed him a fortune because this teacher did not accept his discount requests. At that time he was already a singing professor at a university and a well known opera singer. He wanted to make himself better. After this costly and intensive lessons, he himself realized that he became a better singer. Also, everyone else noticed that he got noticeably much better. When you accomplished to a certain level, do not stay there. You can be much better. Seek and ask sensei more advices, so you can improve yourselves more.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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