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Garrett Matsumoto Sensei made an announcement of cancellation of Kenshikan Dojo sponsored tournament this year. Every year quite few sensei’s from Japan come and be with us as well as help with Shinpan duty. They are disappointed as we are.


18th World Kendo Championship was originally planned in May this year in Paris and had postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic. FIK (International Kendo Federation) has announced that it is now officially cancelled. Some reasons they noted were membership decline due to pandemic, big reduction of promised French Judo Federation financial support, Championship site was sold and they were not able to find a replacement site and traveling restrictions for participants and spectators. Year 2024 Championship is planned but no host country has been selected yet. I am very sorry for those who have been practicing hard to participate in Championship. It is more so for older persons who thought this was their last chance. Kendo is a life long endeavor. I want you to set another goal and keep on practicing.


Hawaii Kendo Federation started its own Zoom Kendo 1 hour practices every Sunday mornings from 10AM. February 21 Sunday was led by Chris Goodin Sensei. February 28 was Tusha Buntin Sensei’s. Garrett Matsumoto Sensei will do it on March 7. They were very good. I encourage you to participate. It is very educational as well as good exercises. If you want to know Zoom meeting ID number and Passcode, ask your sensei or me.


City and County of Honolulu went into Tier 3 in Pandemic infection mitigation program on Thursday, February 25. We can gather up to 10 persons with restrictions such as distancing, masking, ventilation and so on. However, gymnasiums are not open and team sports are not allowed yet. We cannot resume our practices. Vaccine inoculation has started in Hawaii. Over 10 per cent of Hawaii residents so far received shots, first one or both. If we contain infections a little more, we can start practicing. Keep on following pandemic protocols.


People in Japan have started kendo practices with caution. We envy them. All Japan Kendo Federation announced the following events in Kyoto. April 29 - Kendo 6 Dan examination April 30 - Kendo 7 Dan examination May 1 & 2 - Kendo 8 Dan examination May 3 - Kendo Renshi/Kyoshi/Hanshi Title examinations You may not be able to go this time but keep that in your mind. These are step stones of your kendo improvement.


When I was working, one of jobs we did was to go around government agencies and receive approval signatures on international documents. In one of offices, we had an inspector who had never been seen smiling nor laughing. So, when I made a phone call to that office, I always started with the answering lady clerk asking if that inspector smiled today or not, then went on with our business. I regretted to retire without making that inspector ever smile or laugh. To our lives, it is very important to have something to smile about or laugh at especially this COVID-19 pandemic depressing staying home time. Please share your jokes and heartwarming news with others. Stay safe and healthy. 




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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