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I was saddened to be informed that Gabriel Weitzner Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, in Canada had passed away. He was well known among kenshis all over the world.


Also, another sad news was that Takeyasu Yoshimitsu Sensei, Former President of All Japan Kendo Federation and International Kendo Federation passed away at the age of 100. He actively practiced kendo till he was 95 years old. We should follow his path for practicing till we are physically unable to do so. That way, we may be able to spend a happy, enjoyable and healthier lives.


Hawaii Kendo Federation Zoom Practices are on every Sunday for 1 hour from 10AM. I am very happy that many sensei’s chipped in and led practices. A few people who live in Mainland joined in, too. The next one on Sunday, April 4 will be under Kenshikan Kendo Club leadership. Meeting ID - 856 0373 7825 Passcode - 492556 Join Zoom even if you cannot follow through the entire time.


About 25 per cent of Hawaii residents have received COVID-19 vaccine at least one time if not completed. I received 2nd Pfizer one on Saturday, March 27. However, infection rate is increasing now enough to wonder if we are in 4th wave. We had been in 2 digits number infection rate but became 3 digits lately. We have to keep on doing mitigation protocols though it is hard and we are already tired of it. If we work through this together, we may be able to see the end of tunnel and start kendo practices.


一期一会, Ichigo Ichie, this concept was originated from Japanese Tea Ceremony. It means what we are experiencing now will never happen again. That is why Tea Ceremony’s “Omotenashi no kokoro, Hospitality Heart” was developed. In fact, my Tea Ceremony teacher, late Mrs. Ethel Akagi, created our heart into such, “I want to come again and learn more under her.”


In kendo the same thing applies. I met and became friends after practices and talking each other, then felt, “I want to practice and talk with this person again.” Become a kendo person like that, not just good and strong but also interesting and enjoyable to be with.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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