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Hawaiian Airlines created Inflight entertainment called “Kendo: The Principles of the

Sword.” This features Tusha Buntin Sensei and part of our club practices where many

of our club members including myself come up. You can view it through YouTube.

Thanks to Buntin Sensei, this video is a good kendo advertisement.


Congratulations to Trinity Kishimoto who became JPO (Junior Police Officer) Drill

Champion on April 21st. I am positive that Trinity’s Kendo Kiai and Discipline helped

her to accomplish this out of over 60 other competitors.


We will have Midyear Party on Wednesday, May 17th. We start our practice earlier at

630PM and end at 730PM. Then, we will have a potluck party. Even if you cannot

make the practice, come to the party. Bring your family members and friends.


Our club is hosting Children’s Tournament and Shinpan practice on Saturday, May 20th.

We will start at 830AM and end around noon. Then, we will provide Pizza lunch. Bring

your kids even who are not participating in the tournament and yourselves who may not

practice shinpan. The important thing is to have a good time and make friends.


Hawaii Kendo Federation will have Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Hou and

Shinpan Seminars on Sunday, May 21st at Kaimuki Gym. Be there and learn.

Hawaii Kendo Federation’s 1 Kyu and Dan examination is on Sunday, May 28th at

Kaimuki Gym. Those who are eligible for next rank and want to take the examination,

let your Senseis know soon.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament will be on Sunday, June 25th at Mililani District Park

Gym. Mark your calendar and participate if you can take a day off on that day.


Wahiawa Kendo Club T-shirts are for sale. For simpler inventory, we no longer have

white ones. We only have black in color. $15 each for S, M, L and XL. $17 for XXL.


If you have vehicles you want to get rid of, donate them to Hawaii Kendo Federation

through Kokua in Kind. The amount HKF receive may be tax deductible for you.


I was embarrassed and mad at myself when I went out of bound (jogai) in Kenshikan

Tournament on February 25th. Because, I have been telling everyone to be constantly

aware of where you are in the court when you face opponents and even scolded ones

who went out of bound. This reminded me of Hawaii born Late Rod Omoto Sensei of

Tacoma, Washington, saying, “Do what I tell you to do, but don’t do what I do.” Senseis

should teach correct things but not necessarily do things correctly.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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