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Thank you for supporting our club with Zippy’s ticket sale fundraiser. It ended successfully again. The first thing raised fund used is subsidizing some costs for Pacific Northwest Kendo Tournament participants from Hawaii. Also thanking is for those who donated money in stead of selling and buying tickets. I am glad that we can use money not just for our club but also for promotion of kendo in Hawaii.


We were very sad to be informed that previous Kenshikan Dojo Chief Instructor, Katsumi Yamada Sensei, had passed away on October 18th. He touched many people’s hearts through teaching kendo. His service will be held at 3pm on Sunday, November 26th at Nuuanu Memorial Park and Mortuary preceded with visitation at 2pm.


Mr. Daisuke Kajiwara of Oita and our own Wesley Fujimoto were not only ones who took kendogu on their Honeymoon trips to practice at destinations. Mr. Yoshiharu Nakajima of Hyogo visited 3 dojos in Oahu on his Honeymoon and practiced with us. I am sure that “Kendo will make it (marriage) better” as many other kenshi’s marriages are going solid through kendo.


We finally have enough participants from Hawaii to form Team Hawaii Senior Team for Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation Tournament on Saturday, November 4th in Kent, Washington. Hawaii participants are Nobuhiko Tamura, Tomohiko Tamura, Koyo Yancey, Daiki Miura, James Okada, Hyun Kim, Seth Harris and Tusha Buntin. Chaperons are Mrs. Yoko Yancey, Mr. and Mrs. Kazuhiko Tamura, Sharon and Iwao Sato. Our main goals are having fun, making friends and renewing friendships.


We are happy and thankful for Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club to host their tournament on Sunday, November 19th at Halawa District Park Gym starting 08:30am. Our Dojo participants are Malina Buntin, Hana Imagawa, Aimi Imagawa, Jessica Sneed, Megan Kirk, Tusha Buntin, Marvin Acklin and Iwao Sato. Besides aiming for good results, meet kendo friends from other dojo, enjoy the tournament and learn something from participating the tournament.


Hawaii Kendo Federation 1 Kyo and Dan examination is on Sunday, November 26th at Kaimuki District Park Gym from 8:30am. If you are practicing regularly and eligible for next rank, you may ask your dojo senseis to put your name in as the deadline is quickly approaching.


I am not good at receiving criticisms. When I visited my father in Japan, he gave me constant criticism or scolding. I almost said, “Daddy, I came to see you from Hawaii and only thing you give me is scolding. I will go back.” One of my kendo senseis pointed out my same bad habit every time I went to practice with him. I almost said, “Sensei, you told me that many times already. I’m fully aware and trying to correct it.” I am glad that I did not actually say that to them. I realized that my father wanted me to be a better person and that sensei wanted me to get better in kendo. If someone criticizes you, interpret it as a constructive advice because he/ she cares about you. Then, it becomes easier to accept. As for me as a kendo teacher, I say, “You are very good in this and that, but if you do it this way, you will get much better.” It seems to work better and create more motivation.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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