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At Pacific Northwest Kendo Tournament on Saturday, November 4th, Daiki Miura captured 1st place in 3 Dan Division, Hyun Kim took Championship and Seth Harris was 3rd in 4 Dan and above Division. There were little over 250 participants. Out of 6 persons in Hawaii Senior Team, 3 of them placed in individual matches. That was a remarkable record. As for Team Matches, they did very well. But, we could have been Champion again if any of those 4 who tied or lost got just one more point. So, that was very close. Let’s try again next year.


In Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club Tournament on Sunday, November 19th, our club’s 3 girls, Malina Buntin, Hana and Aimi Imagawa did very well enough to show their big improvement, though they did not place in their divisions. Only person placed from our club was Iwao Sato who was 1st in Master’s Division. We were glad that Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club resumed hosting taikais.

Hawaii Kendo Federation had 1 Kyu and Dan examination on Sunday, November 26th. We were happy that Aimi Imagawa passed 1 Dan. She had to accomplish this while facing young, fast and powerful male opponents. Congratulations!, Aimi.

Our club will have Yearend Party on Wednesday, December 13th. We will start our regular

practice earlier at 6:30PM and end by 7:30PM, then have a potluck party. Even if you have not been showing up for practices recently, come and renew kendo friendships. Bring your friends and family members who support our kendo for all these years.

Christmas Day and New Year Day do not fall on Wednesdays this year. We will practice year around. Other dojo members whose dojos close for Holiday Seasons are welcomed to practice with us. However, our Kaneohe, Heeia Branch Dojo’s practices on Mondays will be closed on Christmas and New Year Days. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


FIK sponsored American Zone Referee Seminar is in Montreal, Canada on February 10th and 11th. I am hoping some from Hawaii will participate to show our existence in Islands in Pacific.


Steveston Kendo Club Tournament in Canada is on Saturday, February 10th. I will be there. So far, not many people show interests in participating.

Mark your calendar. Kenshikan Dojo will host their tournament on Sunday, February 25th. I expect some senseis from Japan come and assist with shinpan duties.


Though you can delete my email, if you do not be bothered to even receive this monthly bulletin, let me know. I will remove you from my distribution lists.

People start kendo and quit soon. Some of them had quite potential. If they continued

practicing, they could have represented Hawaii for World Kendo Championships. Sorry to say, but I somewhat lost enthusiasm to teach beginners by thinking that they would quit soon anyway. I mentioned that to Tusha Buntin Sensei. He told me that Shigeo Yoshinaga Sensei once told him, “Even they quit, kendo spirit they learned during short exposure to kendo will be with them for life.” Thank you, Yoshinaga Sensei, for leaving those precious words with Mr. Buntin. I felt like you struck my men (head) hard enough to wake me up.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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