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Seto Kaname Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan from Saga Prefecture visited Kenshikan January 23rd.

It is always nice to have good senseis visit Hawaii and teach us. Give them warm welcome.


Steveston Kendo Club Tournament in Richmond, B.C., Canada will be held on Saturday,

February 10th and FIK American Zone Shinpan Seminar will be held on Saturday, February10th and Sunday, 11th in Montreal, Canada.


Otsuka Mayumi Sensei and Amano Satoshi Sensei are leading Tokai University 6 men and 2 women students excursion to Hawaii from February 14th through 21st. They plan to visit our dojo on Wednesday, Feb. 14th, Mililani Kendo Club on Thursday, 15th and Honbu Dojo on 18th.


Suzuki Naoto Sensei, 55 years old 7 Dan from Yamagata Prefecture will be at Kenshikan Dojo on Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday 21st. Be there if you can.


Our Branch Dojo practice at Heeia District Park Building on Monday, February 19th is cancelled due to the Presidents Day Holiday.

All Japan Kendo Federation officials will visit Hawaii in 2 groups, one in February and another in March. First one, 12 of them, will arrive on February 22nd and leave on 25th.

We plan to have a welcome party on Thursday, February 22nd and practice session at JCCH on Friday, 23rd. Second group will arrive on March 8th and leave on 11th. The similar planning will be prepared. All Hawaii Kendo Federation members are welcomed to be with them.


Kenshikan Kendo Club is hosting their 15th tournament on Sunday, February 25th at Manoa Valley District Park Gym. We are excited and honored to be informed that Hayashi Hiromichi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, Tagawa Yoshiteru Sensei, Hanshi 8 Dan and President of All United States Kendo Federation will be there as well as Ouchi Mutsuo Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, Imazu Hisao Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, Negita Sensei from New York and others. Kenshikan Dojo is planning to have a dinner party that night to honor Sensei's visiting from other places. Participants from our dojo are Malina Buntin, Jessica Sneed, Megan Kirk, Cathleen Hutchins, Tusha Buntin, Marvin Acklin and Iwao Sato. Besides doing your best, make friends with other dojo members during this tournament.

Kamiya Akihiro Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan of Tokyo, will be with us from March 5th through 12th.


After Kaimuki Honbu Dojo practice I saw a couple of guys lighting up cigarettes in the parking lot. I yelled at them, “Don’t smoke. It’s bad for your health and bad for your kendo. No wonder your kendo is not good.” Their kendo is good. But they will get better if they quit smoking. It will increase lung capacity for more endurance. At my advanced age, I know many dear friends and relatives succumbed to tobacco related illness. I decided to speak up and tell people to quit smoking. Two responses I received. One was, “I know the danger of smoking but I can’t quit. If I develop an illness because of it, I will accept it.” Second one was, “None of your business. Leave me alone.”


We want to maintain good health and keep on practicing kendo. Eliminate any bad habits you have for your better health.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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