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Congratulations to Myohoji Kendo Club member Dr. Naoto Yoshikawa who passed 6 Dan
examination on November 25th in Hachioji City in Tokyo. He accomplished this while being very busy as Chancellor of Hawaii Tokai International College and Vice-Chancellor of Tokai University Japan.


Our yearly visitor, Yamada Masayuki Sensei of Iwate Prefecture will be in town to teach us from January 10th through 19th. Learn from him by going to dojos he visits. His dojo visit schedule will be announced later.

The following 7 Dan Sensei's from Fukuoka Prefecture will visit Kenshikan dojo on Saturday, January 19th and possibly Kaimuki dojo on Sunday, January 20th. They are Ogawa Kingo Sensei, Tanaka Yoshikatsu Sensei, Kaneko Sei Sensei, Sato Hiroyoshi Sensei, Watanabe Kanji Sensei and Ookuma Mitsuo sensei. It is rare to have many 7 Dan Sensei's come to Hawaii together. Please do all possible to be at these places and get lessons from them.


FIK American Zone Referee Seminar will be held on January 26th and 27th in Dallas, Texas. If you have not signed up this year, plan to join and learn in future years.

Yoshimura Tetsuo Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, assisted by Sasaki Harumitsu Sensei will bring 7 Tokai University students to Hawaii from February 13th through 19th. This time male students only and plan to visit our dojo on Wednesday, February 13th. Please come to our dojo on that day and practice with them.

Hawaii Kendo Federation is invited to 57th Steveston Kendo Club Tournament in Canada on Saturday, February 23rd. I was the only one there from Hawaii in year 2018 to support
Steveston Kendo Club by helping refereeing. This year we want to have enough people to
form both Children and Adults Team Hawaii.

Kenshikan Kendo Club will sponsor their tournament on Sunday, March 3rd. Mark your
calendar, practice and participate in the tournament. Some Sensei's from Japan expressed interests in coming for this occasion.

I will be collecting Club and Hawaii Kendo Federation dues till February. If you do not know how much, let me know. As every year I say, paying dues and participating activities of clubs you belong to are very important.

One nine year old boy finished putting his kendo gear faster than other kids and started helping other kids put theirs on. After his sensei’s rigorous basic practices, this sensei allowed kids to take a rest. Without taking a rest this boy came in front of me and asked me for more practice. After the practice ended, I took this boy to his waiting father and told this boy what I normally say to hard practicing kids, “If I practiced like you, I could have been much better person by now.” This boy takes his initiative, leadership and accomplishes a lot. He is understandably doing good in his school, too.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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