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After Kathy Nekomoto Sensei resigned from Hawaii Kendo Federation Presidency in November 4th, President position had been vacant and assumed by then Vice-President, Wesley Fujimoto Sensei as an acting President. On February 17th election, Yukimasa Furutani Sensei had become New President. Please give him and his administration your support. Also thank Nekomoto Sensei for many years of hard work and service to Hawaii Kendo Federation.


57th Steveston Kendo Tournament was participated by 305 kenshi’s this year. Hawaii entered 13 kenshi’s and 9 chaperons as cheer leading team went to cold and heavy snow plagued area. Though some Hawaii kenshis advanced in Individual divisions a bit, no one placed this year. However, team efforts prevailed and Senior Team became the champion among 29 teams entered. Congratulations. I was no doubt a very happy and proud person to lead the delegation.

Kenshikan Kendo Club Tournament is on Sunday, March 3rd at Manoa Valley District Park Gym, starting at 8:30AM. Imazu Hisao Sensei, Kamiya Akihiro Sensei and Sangdeok Cho Sensei will be there to help with refereeing. Also there is Maruyama Kendo Supply to meet your equipment needs. Good luck in the tournament. Enjoy, learn something and make friends.


Kamiya Akihiro Sensei gave us his practice schedule while in Hawaii; Friday March 1st at
Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club, Saturday March 2nd at Kenshikan, Tuesday March 5th at Myohoji Kendo Club and Wednesday March 6th at Wahiawa. Be with Kamiya Sensei and learn.


Sasaki Hiroshi Sensei and Sasaki Keiko Sensei of Akita will come from Monday, March 11th till Monday, 18th. They will visit our club on Wednesday, March 13th. Please come and join us.

Mililani Kendo Club will have Garage Sale on Saturday, March 23rd at 1407 Hiikala Place,
Honolulu. Go there by 2PM and support the club.

Yamada Masayuki Sensei of Iwate along with his granddaughter, Mizuki, who just passed High School entrance examination are coming from March 23rd till 30th. Congratulate Mizuki for her passing the examination and practice with them.

Pacific Northwest Women’s tournament preceded by days of seminar by noted female sensei,  Kyoshi 7 Dan from Japan, will be on Saturday, July 13th. This tournament is held every 3 years. Hawaii could not form our team last time. Ladies, encourage each other to come together to make Team Hawaii.


Wahiawa native Late Rod Omoto Sensei of Tacoma, Washington, visited his sister in Hawaii. While he was in Hawaii he taught us kendo. He said, “Do what I tell you to do. But, don’t do what I do.” He was an accomplished kendoist who studied at famous Budo Senmon Gakko in Kyoto. He was thorough with kendo theory. However, when comes to implement the theory, he and many of us encounter difficulties. Omoto Sensei knew that. His teaching was correct. Sensei's should teach students correctly. In order to do that, sensei’s must continue on to improve themselves not necessarily just with the theory. Kendo is a life long endeavor to get yourself better.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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