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Emoto Tadashi Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan of Kanagawa Kendo Federation, was in town for about one month to be with us at dojos in January. On Sunday, January 27th, Takahashi Naoshi Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan of Niigata, took care of practices with close to 30 Hawaii kenshis. They were impressive. We are glad and fortunate to have them come and teach us.


The following 8 high rank senseis from Kanagawa will be in Hawaii to practice with us at
Kenshikan Dojo on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 5th and 6th; Iwanami Yoshio Sensei, Komori Kazuhiko Sensei, Komori Yoshihiko Sensei, Sawada Masataka Sensei, Okamoto Hiroyuki Sensei, Matsubara Sensei, Yasuzawa Yoshinao Sensei and Terasawa Mikiko Sensei. Go and practice with them as Hawaii Kendo Federation is encouraging your participation.

Yagisawa Makoto Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, and Furusawa Nobuaki Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, of
Nippon Sports Science University (Nihon Taiiku Daigaku) will be at Kenshikan Dojo on Tuesday, February 12th. This is their research trip for the plan of bringing 40 students next February.

Yoshimura Tetsuo Sensei, Kyoshi 8 Dan, and Sasaki Harumitsu Sensei, Kyoshi 7 Dan, will bring 7 Tokai University students (male students only this time) from February 13th to 19th. They practice at Tokai Gym daily but they will visit Wahiawa Kendo Club, Mililani Kendo Club and Kaimuki Honbu Dojo during their stay. Please come and be at our dojo on February 13th.

Total 22 people from Hawaii, largest number in recent years, are going to 57th Annual Steveston Kendo Tournament held on Saturday, February 23rd, in British Columbia, Canada this year. The participants are Shu Etsumi, Kosuke Toeda, Abigail Majia, Caden Matsumoto, Brandyn Matsumoto, Zachary Yamamoto, Mari Shimabukuro, Nicklas Matsumoto, Daiki Miura, Braxton Fukutomi, Christopher Goodin, Grant Matsubayashi and Garrett Matsumoto chaperoned by 9 other persons lead by Iwao Sato who volunteers refereeing. Make friends. Renew Friendship. Be safe and warm. Enjoy the trip. And good luck.

Kenshikan Kendo Club is sponsoring their tournament on Sunday, March 3rd. The entry deadline is quickly approaching. Let your sensei know soon if you want to participate.
I am collecting our club dues and Hawaii Kendo Federation dues now. I want to finish
collecting by the end of February. Let me know if you do not know the amount.

We were very sad to lose Mrs. Ethel Akagi, Hawaii Kendo Federation’s President Emeritus, Dr. Noboru Akagi’s wife. Mrs. Akagi along with Dr. Akagi had been very supportive of Hawaii Kendo Federation. They hosted visitors from Japan, Canada and US mainland at their home to extend the hospitality. That is why we are very fortunate to have so many repeating visitor kenshis. According to Jon Shishido Sensei’s eulogy for her, she was saying that we should have gatherings often so that people can talk longer and get to know each other better. Of course her heart of hospitality came from her life long practicing and teaching Chado (Tea Ceremony) where omotenashi no kokoro (hospitality heart) is basis of serving tea. If we bring back long gone Hawaii Kendo Federation Christmas Party, New Year Party and other gatherings, everyone, old, young, families and different dojo members can get to know each other better and become friends.





Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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