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Our Club’s annual Zippy’s ticket sale fund raise had finished as the validation day of tickets was January 10th with 5 grace days period. Considering COVID-19 lock down, the result was not much less than usual years thanks to all those who were eager to help our club. The final result is pending because we still have some outstanding tickets. Besides covering our basic expenses even though our practices are not on, we are anxious to use our raised fund to promote kendo in Hawaii especially bringing up young ones. In the past we used money to host Children’s Tournaments, Referee practices, subsidizing kendo excursion trips and so on.


Currently we do not have much activities because of Tier 2 stage. We started COVID-19 vaccination in Hawaii though the supply is not coming in fast enough. Federal government is working on ramping up production, distribution and inoculation of vaccines. As Hawaii receives vaccines, State government will speed up inoculation efforts. Lieutenant Governor expects and hopes that we can open up some of our activities by May. Let us make extra efforts to avoid contracting virus by wearing masks, keeping personal distances and washing hands frequently.


Normally we collect our club dues now. But, we will collect dues from the month we resume our dojo practice though our club dues is very small, thanks to our fund raise and donations received. I am asking our club representatives for Hawaii Kendo Federation Board to see what Hawaii Kendo Federation do with annual Federation dues.


No tournaments are set for foreseeable future. However, I told one female kenshi who recently contacted me to prepare for Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s Women’s Tournament normally held in July, 2022.


I was pleasantly surprised that my body weight of January 1st, 2021 was 10.1 pounds less than that of a year ago, January 1st, 2020. I was worried to gain significant weight during year 2020 because we could not practice kendo (my exercise) for 9 months. Normal week I practiced everyday and total 8 times. At least 4 days I enjoyed heavenly tasted beer with some high calorie snacks with my friends after practices.


My club members had to listen to me every practice about my fluctuating, mostly increasing weight during our warm up sessions. I think that my weight loss was from drinking beer less because beer did not taste heavenly without kendo practices. It is important to maintain your desirable weight. Remember, COVID-19 affects persons more with underlining conditions. One of those conditions is overweight or obesity. Stay safe and healthy




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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