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Our Club sponsored Children’s Tournament and Shinpan Practice on Saturday, May

20th was a success. The number of children participated was more than doubled from

last year. Shinpan learners were energetic and enthusiastic to learn. Everyone

enjoyed Gohdoh Geiko (Practice,) Pizza and friendship afterward. Thank you for those

who did volunteer works, donated money and materials.


Among those who are our club members and other club members who come to our club

to practice, the following persons passed Dan Examination on Sunday, May 28th;

Shoshi Hashimoto, Kano Hashimoto and Chase Takenaka passed 2 Dan. Shea

Barboza passed 4 Dan. Congratulations to them. Practice for next ranks right away.


10 Japanese Self-defense Force kenshis will be at Kaimuki Honbu Dojo on Sunday,

June 4th. Be there and welcome them. We may have goodwill matches with them.


We do not have practices at our branch dojo, Heeia District Park Hall, on Mondays,

June 19th and 26th. The facility is used for their higher priority activities on those days.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament is on Sunday, June 25th at Mililani District Park Gym

from 8:30AM to 4PM. Tell your dojo instructors as soon as possible if you want to

participate. Kendo equipment company, Mazkiya, will be there for your equipment

needs. If you need items require your sizes, contact them in advance, so they can

bring them for you when they come.


We are excited to learn that Kazuyoshi Inoue Sensei of Fukuoka is visiting us again

after long absence. He has been busy with his own kendo organization. He will arrive

on Friday, July 7th and go back to Japan on Monday, July 17th. We do not have his

practice schedule details. However, I will insist him to visit our club on Wednesday,

July 12th. Please come and join us on that day.


Andy Fujimoto Sensei became new Kantoku in May for Team Hawaii for 17th World

Kendo Championships in Korea in Year 2018. The Championships will be held in

Seoul from September 14th through 16th. The enrollment for trying to be members of

Team Hawaii got more than doubled since then. Team practices became willing,

intensive and enjoyable. Enroll yourself if you have not done so with Fujimoto Sensei.


I was removing my knee pads after Meikyokan practice one morning. 4 years old boy

came to me and told me not to sit at the edge of Kamiza place because lots of

Kamisama (God) were sitting there. I had other places of choice to remove my pads.

I certainly should not have done that as this little boy pointed out.! ! !

If you have a learning attitude, even 4 years old boy can be your teacher. Learn

aggressively from others who are young or old, male or female, high rank or low rank.

You can always find things to learn if you want to.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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