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Mr. John D K Taylor of Washington, D.C., came to Hawaii on his business trip sent by State Department 3 weeks after being transferred from US Embassy in Tokyo. On the day of his arrival, Tuesday, July 23rd, he went to Kenshikan Dojo, 24th our dojo Wahiawa Kendo Club, 25th Mililani Kendo Club, 26th Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club and a day before his departure on 27th he went back to Kenshikan Dojo. I was amazed and impressed by his dedication to kendo. He will be one of the leading kendoists in D.C. area in the future.


Murakami Kazuhiko Sensei of Tokyo called me right after the dan examination result disclosures at Gedatsu Kai Dojo in Kitamoto to inform me that both Mr. Billy Kang and Mr. Jack Yamada had passed 6 Dan examination. This examination has been held on the last day of Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Seminar which I want Hawaii kenshis to experience at least one time during kendo careers. Murakami Sensei took time to go there to observe examinations for Hawaii kenshis. I would like to thank Murakami Sensei’s constant support for Hawaii. I was so happy and overwhelmed to know that Hawaii has 2 new 6 Dan kenshis. Congratulations to Mr. Kang and Mr. Yamada. I am pressuring them to work on 7 Dan. And as soon as they are eligible, I want them to try for 7 Dan. For those who are candidates of 6 Dan and 7 Dan, it is time for you to try to catch up with them or get ahead of them now.


Ono Tomohide Sensei of Saitama who passed 6 Dan on April 29th in Kyoto will be back with us from August 6th till 13th as his annual visit. I have not received his kendo practice plan in Hawaii, yet. When and if he visits your dojo, congratulate him for his accomplishment and practice with him. He must already be super good.

All Hawaii Kendo Championships have been set on Sunday, September 29th at Halawa District Park Gym from 8:30AM till 3PM. We have not received the invitation yet. But, mark your calendar and do all possible to participate. Your participation is one of the good support you can give to Hawaii Kendo Federation. Invite your friends, family members and neighbors to come and watch. That way, we may be able to increase kendo population. When I participate in tournament, my kendo gets distorted because I want to win and do not want to lose. That is natural because kendo is one of combat martial arts. In fact one sensei noticed that and advised me not to enter the tournament any more to show my bad example kendo to students. We should win while doing good and presentable kendo. That is our goal.


We will have our club annual fund raise of Zippy’s ticket sale starting in September. We need your help by selling/buying tickets. Raised fund will help not only covering our operating cost but also helping other kendo activities in Hawaii.

Hawaii Daijingu Kendo Club Dojo has a board which says, “Keiko Wa Uso O Tsukanai,”
“Practice would not lie.” We continue to practice, results will show up sooner or later for sure. No wonder kendo students accomplish much in school and at work. They study/work hard and good results come around eventually. Through kendo, we learn how to study/work and get good results. Do not give up. Aggressively learn and improve yourselves. “Practices and studies would not lie.”




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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