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There is not much to talk about kendo activities in Hawaii. So far, no dojo in Hawaii has resumed in-person practices. We have to wait till tier 3 becomes tier 4 and such places as City and County Gym’s and private halls open up for us to practice. COVID-19 vaccine inoculation rate in Hawaii reached 30 per cent level. I am hoping that COVID-19 contraction rate comes down though not much effect has been shown so far.


Our dojo is one of Leeward dojo’s sponsors Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament. Due to pandemic we are canceling the tournament this year again which we normally hold in June.


Hawaii Kendo Federation is hosting Zoom practice sessions every Sunday from 10am for one hour. Mostly younger senseis are leading Zoom. Some started to do multiple times. So, I decided to lead one session, “chakusoh,” how to wear and to take off kendo-gi, hakama and kendo-gu with proper protocols. Kaden Chun posted in Facebook his kendo-gi and hakama wearing with help from his parents. He was perfect with big smile. I am looking forward to practicing with him in future years.


Hawaii Kendo Federation Sunday 10AM Zoom Keiko Meeting ID 856 0373 7825 Passcode 492556


Long time ago, I decided to make my best efforts to attend people’s funerals. People die only one time. They are my family members, relatives, friends and teachers who contributed to my personal development.


However, being living in the middle of Pacific Ocean and working my job prevented me to go and attend funerals. For my mother’s 2 sisters in Japan, I was fortunate to be able to attend one. For another one, I was several hours too late when I got to the destination. Now, we are in COVID-19 pandemic, funerals have been canceled, postponed indefinitely or held with just small family members only.


Funerals are for deceased. However, funerals are for survivors, too, to reflect our own lives after examining how deceased led his/her life to make our lives better. When I talk with people in Japan nowadays, I have been telling them not to let anyone die because I cannot go to Japan anymore during this pandemic. Take care of yourself.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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