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Miss Yuki Oyamada arrived on April 7th from Inuyama, Aichi, is going back to Japan on July 1st. She stayed in Hawaii almost 3 months. Though still in honeymoon stage, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Shishido hosted her at their house. Thank you for your hospitality, Mr. and Mrs. Shishido. Miss Oyamada unfortunately got a shoulder and wrist injuries during her stay and could not practice as much as she wanted. She will be back with us sometime in the future.


Leeward Oahu Kendo Tournament was held on Sunday, June 23rd. Participation from our club members was small this time. Highlight of my time was that my son, David, participated in the tournament after long absence and fought with me in Parents-Children team matches. Many people said that it was a good match and enjoyed watching our bout.

Mr. Yutaka Nemoto from Kanagawa will visit Kenshikan Kendo Club on Tuesday, July 2nd, Wednesday 3rd, Saturday 6th and Kaimuki Dojo on Sunday, July 7th. I am glad that many kenshis take time to come all the way to Hawaii to practice with us. Let us host him good.

Though I tried very hard to persuade Hawaii lady kenshis to go and participate in once in 3 years Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation’s Women’s tournament, we could not come up with Team Hawaii this time. We will try again 3 years later if PNKF continue to host the tournament.


Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Seminar, also known among us as Gedatsukai Summer Kendo Camp, will be held from July 19th till 26th in Kitamoto City, Saitama. Jack Yamada and Billy Kang are participating from Hawaii this year. This seminar is with very high quality and intensive one taught by Japan’s top level senseis. It is my belief that many years of this seminar contributed in expanding world kendo population and betterment of kendo in the world. A few good examples are Shozo Kato Sensei, New York and Roberto Kishikawa Sensei, Hong Kong formally Brazil, now both 8 Dan.

Congratulations to Ono Tomohide Sensei, yearly Hawaii visitor, from Saitama for passing 6 Dan examination on April 29th in Kyoto. When I practiced with him, I got impression why he had not passed 6 Dan already because he was very good enough to me. His persistence and perseverance prevailed. We learn from Ono Sensei to keep on getting at it with other senseis and friends help, so everyone surrounds him also enjoys one’s success. He will visit Hawaii again from August 6th through 13th. Let us practice with him.


I was plagued by having my do and men himo (string) get constantly loosen during practices though I really tighten them with all my strength. I blamed on poor quality of my himos. I mentioned this to Yamada Masayuki Sensei from Iwate. He told me to apply some water before tying. Lo and behold, after wetting himo, those himo seldom get loosened. During these many years of practicing kendo, no one mentioned or told me about moisturizing himo before tying. In our lives and kendo practices, it is very interesting to encounter things you have never been experienced. So, it is worth listening carefully to new ideas and information you have not been exposed to.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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