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Total 272 persons participated in Pacific Northwest Kendo Tournament on November 3rd in Kent, Washington. Team Hawaii recaptured Championship out of 23 teams. Last year we missed 5th consecutive 1st place with one year we did not go. Seth Harris was 1st and Lonny Hancock was 3rd in 4th Dan and above group. Daiki Miura was 3rd in 3 Dan division. Rina Ono came in 2nd in Women’s Dan division. Cascade Kendo Club hosted us at their practice night before and reception after the tournament. We were thankful for their hospitality.

Many of our club members could not participate in Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club Tournament on November 17th. Yoshinori Imagawa and Iwao Sato were only ones. Iwao Sato came in 3rd in Masters’ division. It was very nice of Ray Murao Sensei of Steveston, Canada, who came and helped the tournament as a referee.

Kathy Nekomoto Sensei sent out her resignation as Hawaii Kendo Federation President on November 4th. Board members approved her resignation. We thank her many years of service when membership is declining and revenue source is getting smaller. She had to cut programs we used to do. Vice-President Wesley Fujimoto Sensei assumed Presidency till permanent President is selected. Please support Wesley Fujimoto Sensei.

Our club fundraise, Zippy’s ticket sale ended successfully much owing to your help. Some donated money instead of selling/buying tickets. Some raised money was used for PNKF tournament subsidy for Team Hawaii. Otherwise, we might not be able to make our team.

No Kaimuki Honbu Iai-do and Kendo on Sunday, December 9th. Gym is not available for us.

Our year-end party is on Wednesday, December 12th. We start at 630pm and end 730pm and will have pot-luck party. Bring your family and friends.

We are happy to be informed that Yamada Masayuki Sensei of Iwate will visit Hawaii from
January 10th through 19th. Be with him in his practice sessions while he is in town.

Steveston Kendo Club is holding their 57th tournament on Saturday, February 23rd. We want to form Team Hawaii. Let me know if you want to go. Some combine this with winter vacation.

During 17th World Kendo Championships in Korea in September, I was happy to have reunion with Robert Kishikawa Sensei of Hong Kong, formally Brazil and Shozo Kato Sensei of New York at our hotel lobby. We once were Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Seminar attendees together in Kitamoto, Japan many years ago. All 3 of us are kendo enthusiasts. The huge difference among us is that both Sensei's have achieved 8 Dan but I am still 7 Dan. Kishikawa Sensei tried tsuki (thrust on throat) on Nishiyama Yasuhiro Sensei. After that, Nishiyama Sensei seemed to teach him the correct way to perform tsuki many times in one session. We felt sorry for Kishikawa Sensei. As for me, after hard practices I waited for the elevator to go up to our 3rd floor living quarters. When Nishiyama Sensei saw me, he said, “Sato San, We have stairs to go up, you know.” So, I had to say “Hai, (Yes)” and followed him on stairs. That made me learn that kendo was not at dojo only. We had to think about how to make ourselves better in our daily rituals.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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