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Hawaii Kendo Federation had its 1st Online Zoom Seminar on November 14th. It consisted of the followings; Tusha Buntin Sensei from Wahiawa Kendo Club - Suburi. Elton Ushio Sensei of Lihue Kendo Club - Harai Waza. Garrett Matsumoto Sensei of Kenshikan Kendo Club - Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Hou.


Wesley Fujimoto Sensei of Mililani Kendo Club - Tenouchi. Dr. Braxton Fukutomi Sensei of Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Club - Practicing While Quarantined. Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi Sensei of HKF Iai-do Bu - Budo. Their instructions including Ushio boys and Matsumoto boys performance were very good. I had to zoom in at the end and tell everyone in Zoom attendance that Hawaii Kendo Federation’s future is bright because young instructors like them are coming up good.


Wahiawa Kendo Club Zippy’s ticket sale fund raise is in the middle of its course. It is hard to do this in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. However, everyone is helping us as usual. Though our expenses are down, we want to save money for future. If you received tickets and cannot sell some, return as soon as possible, so we can transfer them to others. If you can help us with more tickets, let us know.


Konishi Toshihiro Sensei said, “Let’s call it quit. Let’s do Ippon Jime (Ceremonial hand clap once together) to end the occasion. This happened every time we were having great time with kendo friends and wanted to keep on having more fun together. But, this saved me. I could go home at the reasonable time safely for my very early work starting time next day. I did not want to excuse myself when everyone was enjoying the company. If I said that I was leaving, they might think that they had to leave, too. Now I am at Konishi Sensei’s age. When we have kendo friends gatherings, I am the one leaving the fun occasion first. When the oldest, higher rank person stays, it is hard for younger ones to leave the place. I learned this from Konishi Sensei.




Iwao Sato, Chief Instructor

Wahiawa Kendo Club

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